Friday, 21 December 2012


Farewell to the craziness that packing up a house brings and, while we may not have our furniture delivered until Monday*, we will be setting up the Christmas tree as soon as we gain possession of our new home!
Until then, we are staying with my parents for longer than expected, enjoying some quality grandparent time before we head south tomorrow. 
And it's not only the kids who are being spoilt with our stay here - I get to squeeze in some sneaky knitting on my Mara shawl before the unpacking begins. Hee hee!
Merry Christmas!!!
Sam xx
* Hooray to the movers who are bringing our furniture to us on Christmas Eve!!

Thursday, 13 December 2012

'Typically Red' at Christmas

Certificates of Currency, Electrical Safety Certificates, packing boxes, butchers paper, packing tape, Orders and Requisitions......
and amongst all this......I had a little win.

This morning I received some very good news. Christina, of Christina Lowry Designs, has been running a "12 Days of Christmas Giveaway" to showcase Australian artisans and their hand made artworks. Day 12 focused on the knitted bonnets by Greer of Typically Red (blog and shop) -  gorgeous, adorable pieces!

Bumpy Bonnet, Watermelon, Toddler Size. Handmade, Vintage-Inspired Woollen Hat
Bumpy Bonnet, Watermelon, Toddler Size. Handmade, Vintage-Inspired Woollen Hat
by Typically Red

And I managed to win! Hooray!!
So, thank you so much, Christina and Greer. What a great idea, to share all these clever people with us. I've been having a lovely time checking out their websites, blogs and shops, and am already looking forward to next year!

Sam xx


Thursday, 6 December 2012

Mara Shawl #2

A couple of days ago, I finally finished this, my 'started first / finished second' Mara shawl. It's for Jacquie, my Mother-in-law, who a couple of weeks ago moved to the town on the South Coast that we ourselves are moving down to in a couple of weeks.*
Once again, I have used yarn frogged from an earlier project - Jo Sharp Silkroad DK Tweed in Paper Rose colour way. This Mara version follows the pattern, using yarnover increases, until the cast off - I tried out “Jenny’s surprisingly stretchy bind-off” for the first time, but I think it has left the fringe almost too loose. The Mara pattern’s instructions for binding off are my preferred technique.
And, while the yarn is wonderfully soft and is beautifully light weight, it isn't very strong; I wouldn't use it to sew seams if I had made a garment from it - I would use something strong and sturdy.
Once again, "Yay" for the Mara Shawl pattern from (but available on! I have already begun another one, but this time for myself!!
But I am having fun....., even if I'm not packing as many boxes as I should!!
Sharing with Creative Spaces here.
Sam xx
*A couple of weeks? Aahhh!!!!

Sunday, 2 December 2012


True to form, our nectarines are ready in this, the first week of December; gorgeous, juicy, delicious, richly luscious nectarines - my favourite fruit of Summer, by far!
Yummy yum yum!

Maybe it's time to make some nectarine jam, too?
What's your favourite summer fruit?
Do you grow your own?
Sam xx