Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Meghan Dress

I'm getting closer in my 'perfect-summer-dress-for-me' search - I have finished my first Meghan Dress - yay!

Designed by Sis Boom, the pattern has been around for a while. It is, as many have reviewed, easy to follow and easy to sew. I even lined mine, a technique I haven't tried before.

I also seem to be getting closer to the 'perfect-fabric-for-me', but once again, I have selected a fabric print with too much tonal contrast, when I should really work with more of a solid.

Even so, I'll sew this pattern again, for sure!


Monday, 21 October 2013

The Staple Dress

I'm searching for the perfect-for-me-summer-dress pattern because it is time to let my ever favourite Schoolhouse Tunic go! (or maybe just until the weather cools down again....)

I looked at the Washi Dress pattern, and even downloaded it, but decided The Staple Dress is more my style.

I made it, I shirred it - shirring for the first time ever using the assistance of the excellent online tutorial from Made by Rae (who designed the Washi Dress that I didn't end up making- oops!) - and now I have a new dress for summer! Hooray!!

And is it the perfect-for-me-summer-dress? 
I don't think so, but I'll have a better idea after I make it again with a purpose bought fabric rather than grabbing any old fabric I happened to have in my rather limited stash at the time.

With that, my search continues, but as I already have another pattern traced and ready to cut, hopefully it may not be too long before I get there!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

P.S. Don't you just love Ken in the bottom corner of the dress photo? He's such a schmoozer!! Can you just make out the other dolly on his right side? Ha!!

Friday, 18 October 2013

This month


This month.....
  • included two weeks of school holidays,
  • we went on a family holiday and stayed at a divine cottage in Nornalup for three nights (thank you, Aunty Jan!)
  • the girls all had their first fishing expedition - it didn't last long but it put smiles on their faces!
  • we visited quite a few artists who were showing their work as part of the Southern Art Trail (it was awesome!!) These paintings are by Serena MacLauchlan at Hotchin Gallery.
  • I got a crocheting bug - three cowls later.....
  • I managed to finish another little oil seascape painting - yay!
  • my love affair with the Schoolhouse Tunic entered its seventh episode, this time with a gorgeous purple linen,
  • my football team did NOT win the Grand Final, but I still love them!!!
  • Miss M started to learn how to use the sewing machine - she has yet to earn her learner's permit (which means she can use the machine without me having to constantly supervise), but she is almost there,
  • I experienced my first ever blogger/insta-meet - I bumped into Kate from 2littlebanshees while we both happened to be browsing the fabric racks at Albany Spotty at the same time.
  • we celebrated Miss M's birthday with a BIG party and the most decadent ice-cream cake of all time!! Happy Birthday, my girl!!
  • I have (obviously) had a break from my blog.

And it is good to be back.