Tuesday, 26 February 2013

14 Peels Place

You gotta love a cafe that yarn bombs its own shopfront!

And inside there are other yarny delights to behold or purchase - bags and blankets, together with a bookcase full of recipe books to peruse. Lovely!

"14 Peels Place" in Albany.

Time for a coffee?

Sam xx

Friday, 22 February 2013

Autumn Leaves Scarf

I'm keeping this one!

Pattern::  Autumn Leaves Stole
Yarn::      Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed
Colour::   Posy
Needle::   5mm
Size::       18 1/2 x  85 inches (47 x 110cm)

For a shawl, I would be inclined to widen the design, but at this size, it makes a fantastic scarf!

Love it!

Other Creative Spaces shared here.

Sam xx

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Mummies are for Broken!

"Daddies are for fun. Mummies are for Broken!"

And here is my broken girl - yesterday evening, Miss M bounced off the trampoline.....

and broke her collar bone.


Still, staying home from school today has meant that she enjoyed a girlie Birthday lunch with Mummy, Aunty Ange and Gran, and it made her smile again.

There's lots to be thankful for, and I am grateful Miss M's injuries were no worse.

Happy Birthday to me.

Sam xx

Monday, 18 February 2013

First Felting


I've never felted before. I love wool, but I've never done any felting. So when I saw that my now Local Yarn Shop, 'A Good Yarn'* was offering an Introduction to Felting workshop, I felt (hah!) the urge!
It was brilliant fun! Liz did a fantastic job and we all completed two felted scarves in the three hour session, with my first attempt resulting in a subtle piece - when I was placing the colour accents over the top of  red wool fibre base, I only used a variety of mid-toned colours.
Making my second scarf was essential in helping me to memorise the processes involved. I went for grey this time, but I made sure to use both light and dark tones in the overlying design for balance and definition. It's a definite keeper!
So, thanks, Liz. I had a great time! I enjoyed the rhythm and the repetition of the felting methods. I enjoyed watching what looked like a huge hairy patchy caterpillar turn into fabric. I also enjoyed the fact that we all knew who we were talking about when someone mentioned Lucy**. And I enjoyed that we came away with a really good knowledge basis on which we can develop our felting techniques if we choose to.
And I'll be choosing to felt again!
Sam xx
*50kms down the road in Denmark, but worth a trip!
**Attic 24 Lucy 

Friday, 15 February 2013


It's taken a while for this little gem to find its way into our lives*, but now it is here, and we bounced our way to school with its tune in our heads, it has to be shared some more!

Sam xx

* care of Miss M's brilliant new Year 1 teacher - a bloke! Hooray!

Monday, 11 February 2013

Plum Jam

Plum Jam. Mmmmmmmmm.

Except you don't want to be gifted any of this batch. Nope!

Not unless you like surprises....

Has anyone found the muslin bag yet?



Thursday, 7 February 2013

New Knitting

It's official - I do not like garter stitch!

Actually, it's my hands that don't like it. After casting on my latest knitting project, Line Break, and knitting 20 rows or more, my hands cramped up. So, frog it I did, casting on again and knitting the shawl in stocking stitch.

Ahhhh! That's better!!

This yarn is Madeline Tosh Merino Light in Luster, one of my online yarn purchase colour mishaps*, but it's perfect for this project and for its intended recipient.

I'm just about to begin the short row section for the first time - and for my first time ever doing short rows!

And I'm having fun!

Sam xx

PS The plums in the photo are one of my roadside farm stall finds - I have plummy plans in mind!

* Obviously, I did NOT learn that lesson!

Monday, 4 February 2013

Life is good!

Things are going well -

The kindness of new neighbours - peaches fresh from the tree - and we have also been offered surplus produce from three other lovely neighbours,
G started a new job last week and is enjoying himself – he now sells sheds!

We have met some lovely people through Miss M’s involvement with Little Athletics,

I have been invited to join a local knitting club (and the word is they are a very entertaining bunch!)

G finished painting the two back bedrooms and they look beautiful,

We went camping in Walpole on the weekend,

Miss M passed her stage 2 swimming lessons,
I have never before experienced my three girls dressed, breakfasted and ready to go as early as they were today for their first day at their new school,

Misses E and J think their Kindy teacher is “very funny”,

M reckons she already has two new best friends,

And, most importantly, Miss J is satisfied it is okay to wear a non-yellow school uniform as long as she gets to wear yellow bows in her hair!

Life is good!
Hoping all is well with all of you!

Sam xx