Monday, 4 February 2013

Life is good!

Things are going well -

The kindness of new neighbours - peaches fresh from the tree - and we have also been offered surplus produce from three other lovely neighbours,
G started a new job last week and is enjoying himself – he now sells sheds!

We have met some lovely people through Miss M’s involvement with Little Athletics,

I have been invited to join a local knitting club (and the word is they are a very entertaining bunch!)

G finished painting the two back bedrooms and they look beautiful,

We went camping in Walpole on the weekend,

Miss M passed her stage 2 swimming lessons,
I have never before experienced my three girls dressed, breakfasted and ready to go as early as they were today for their first day at their new school,

Misses E and J think their Kindy teacher is “very funny”,

M reckons she already has two new best friends,

And, most importantly, Miss J is satisfied it is okay to wear a non-yellow school uniform as long as she gets to wear yellow bows in her hair!

Life is good!
Hoping all is well with all of you!

Sam xx


  1. it all sounds wonderful. I'm glad you're settling in well. That knitting club sounds fab!

  2. It does sound like you are having fun! Worth all the hard work you have put in. You area all sounding very settled. cheers Wendy