Monday, 18 February 2013

First Felting


I've never felted before. I love wool, but I've never done any felting. So when I saw that my now Local Yarn Shop, 'A Good Yarn'* was offering an Introduction to Felting workshop, I felt (hah!) the urge!
It was brilliant fun! Liz did a fantastic job and we all completed two felted scarves in the three hour session, with my first attempt resulting in a subtle piece - when I was placing the colour accents over the top of  red wool fibre base, I only used a variety of mid-toned colours.
Making my second scarf was essential in helping me to memorise the processes involved. I went for grey this time, but I made sure to use both light and dark tones in the overlying design for balance and definition. It's a definite keeper!
So, thanks, Liz. I had a great time! I enjoyed the rhythm and the repetition of the felting methods. I enjoyed watching what looked like a huge hairy patchy caterpillar turn into fabric. I also enjoyed the fact that we all knew who we were talking about when someone mentioned Lucy**. And I enjoyed that we came away with a really good knowledge basis on which we can develop our felting techniques if we choose to.
And I'll be choosing to felt again!
Sam xx
*50kms down the road in Denmark, but worth a trip!
**Attic 24 Lucy 

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  1. Hi Sam - I am so pleased you enjoyed the afternoon and got so much out of it! Thanks for the mention of my shop, it all helps.
    Hope to see you again soon,