Friday, 13 September 2013



My honey is happy. He has built himself a wall.
This has solved a number of problems.
First, the new wall replaces the old retaining wall that just wasn't retaining much at all. Second, G has saved us some serious money by doing it himself. And third, but most importantly, it means he can now plant the vegie patch he has been planning.
He has missed his garden. He has missed growing his own food, working in an organic manner. He has missed pottering about in the patch, getting up early or staying out late into the evening.
Now that he has his new vegie patch to plan, plant and prosper, he is a very happy lad.
Do you need to have projects to keep you happy?
What project are you working on right now?
Happy, happy Spring, everyone!


  1. You'll have beautiful fresh vegies on your plates before too long.
    And these photos will be wonderful as the 'before' shots of the vegie garden. x

  2. Thanks, Zara. It seems that I am just as excited as G!