Saturday, 21 December 2013

Handmade Christmas

My determination that this would be a handmade Christmas has made these last two weeks completely crazy! 

I have.....
  • made pom-poms (and a huge mess) with my daughter's Year 1 class
  • gritted my teeth as I knitting a slouchy beanie (one of three) in West Coast Eagles' colours for Mr D 
  • bought some gorgeous handmade gifts from the Denmark Art Markets where my friends Laraine and Suki have a colourful stall filled with gorgeous garments and accessories they have made themselves - clever girls!
  • crocheted seven Granny Stars for my seven 'star' students at work
  • lunched with my knitting group at the (not so) Healthy Buddha (but it was very yummy)
  • crocheted a pressie for my Mum - shhhh!
  • cooked up a barrel load of tomato relish for more pressies
  • won a brilliant giveaway from here
  • waved to Santa at our street party
  • consoled my uncontrollably sobbing Year 1 daughter as she farewelled her teacher, Mr D, on his last day
  • had a little cry of my own on viewing the creatively poignant video he made of our children
  • gone to dinner with my workmates where there was much cackling and Making Of Plans
  • gone to G's Christmas outing with his work colleagues
and finally
  • painted a last minute Name Painting order at the same time as trying to pack the car.
For, you see, we are off to the big bad city for our Christmas with my family.
Yee haw!!
Wishing you lots of joy and laughter these holidays, and an absolutely brilliant and productive New Year!
And take care!!
Sam xx


  1. Wow Sam, you really have been busy! Well done! I hope you had a lovely,lovely Christmas inthe big bad city. I had a swim at Goode Beach on Christmas morning - bliss.... Hopefully I will see you at the end of the month for Knitting Club.

  2. You pack a lot in! I love the hand made ethic... But I think I would need more than a fortnight!