Wednesday, 24 October 2012

"Houses do not clean themselves"

“Houses do not clean themselves.”*
No, they do not!
Normally, a superficial wipe of surfaces and irregular vacuuming and mopping would be sufficient to keep our house in a comfortable (for us) state of ‘cleanliness’. But recently, following our decision to put our home up for sale, it has become patently clear that my interpretation of ‘clean’ does not fit the lifestyle and home living magazine ideal. Nor does it meet the expectations of a potential house buying public, and that’s why I have spent the last 6 weeks cleaning, decluttering and tidying our house, making up for the past 8 years of ‘near enough is good enough’.
Yesterday my interior designer sister arrived in a whirlwind to put into action the house dressing and styling plan we had drawn up a few weeks ago so that the house could be photographed ready for market. She took the items that we own, threw in a few extra pieces, rearranged everything and presented us with a home worthy of one of those magazines I mentioned earlier.
And the results?
Absolutely Amazing! My home is beautiful! Why did I wait 8 years for this?? (A rhetorical question, of course!)
My sister,, is Brilliant At Her Job!!
Sam xx





  1. That is a good quote Sam - who wrote it I wonder? I wish my house would self-clean that's for sure.
    I often wonder what it would be like to have someone whisk through and use some designer skills. Like that TV show where they come in and re-vamp the unsellable. I don't think I would want to sell it after that though!
    I'm sure your house will be very marketable. (Love those tall neck vases). cheers Wendy

    1. Aren't the vases gorgeous? We get to keep quite a few of the items - I'm just hoping that the vases are some of them!

  2. A house never looks so good as when you're selling it!

    We've moved over a dozen times since we've been married and I am wholly sick of packing and unpacking boxes.

    Having said that, I always get a little excited when I see a house I really like, and start mentally decorating rooms....

    Best of luck with the sale! We have friends moving from Cairns on the 10th, keen to settle in the hills (Mundaring was one spot they mentioned). Email me any details you'd like passed on to them.

  3. Ha ha , I loved this post! My house is currently on the market, and we have presented it in it's best light for sale, including some new carpet, garden overhaul and a huge de-clutter. I so know what you mean about that rhetorical question!