Saturday, 2 March 2013

Art in Albany

I went to a talk on the history of Art in Albany the other night, held at the Albany Museum. See the sign? A museum event! We were seated in the building on the right - the old Schoolhouse, a weatherboard building that had been moved to the museum grounds.
In the audience was an elderly lady who was obviously a local. She kept interjecting with her own personal knowledge about some of the artists and their work - she had a few wicked anecdotes about some of the eccentric artists who were mentioned, and this helped to bring these characters more substance. She had known them. It made them more real.
I love this place - I love its visible history, its buildings, and the way in which people in this town respect and love it too. I want my children to feel that way, and they do - at their request we have been back to the museum with them five times since Christmas.
In fact, we were back there again today. Being tourists in our new town.
And loving it a little bit more than before!
Sam xx

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