Sunday, 10 March 2013

Open Garden

Ever hopeful of another opportunity to grab a swim, I threw everyone's bathers in the car before we left for today's outing to an Open Garden* an hour away.
But it rained and rained!
All was not lost, however, for, although I had also thrown in the umbrellas "just in case", the girls haven't quite perfected their umbrella technique yet and, surprise, surprise, they were soon wet through. Drenched!
They weren't getting back in the car in that state! What to do? Aha!
And the garden at "Tree Elle" where we had received the drenching? It is a beautiful parkland with quite established trees in what had been a paddock a mere 13 years ago. Inspiring...... as was the chocolate mud cake the owner had for sale! "Yumm," said Miss J.
My search for a really good chocolate mud cake recipe begins!
Hoping you all had a fantastic weekend!
Sam xx

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