Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Hexagon Update and Inspiration

It has been an interesting project, this hexagon blanket of mine. There have been times when I have loved it, and times when I have just not had any more hexagon love to give! But when I see those solid brights, the colours bouncing off each other and resonating with energy, I fall in love with it all over again.
In love once more after sewing in all the ends, I am now at the edging stage.
I considered squaring off my hexagons but decided to embrace and celebrate the hexagon! Let's keep the distinctively hexagony shape! I initially thought about using Attic 24's single crochet and scallop edging that she had used on her first hexi blanket. After all, the hexi pattern I used was hers. However, I just didn't feel that it suited the blockiness of the solid colour hexis.
Instead, I have settled on two rows of double crochet with increases reflecting those used in the hexagons on the corners, and Attic 24 ripply decreases on the inside corners. When that is finished, I will consider my final row options - at this stage it is most likely that I will use Attic 24's bobble edging, but we will see.
And there it is. My crochet inspiration blog of choice, Attic 24. Thank you for all your brilliant online tutorials.
Loving the hexis!

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