Monday, 24 June 2013

Super Moon, Yellow Sunflower

Driving home from Perth last night, we watched as the moon rose and journeyed its way across the sky. The girls were fascinated, especially as it seemed so very large as it began its path above the horizon - G told us that it was a Super Moon, that the moon was at its closest to our planet as it had been for the last two years. It was beautiful. I tried to photograph it without too much success, as you can see. And we arrived home late, at 9.30pm, with not one of the girls having slept in the car.
Which meant that today I had a 'day', a day in which.....
we all woke up late,
I spent what seemed like hours trying to clean up last week's mess amongst the new mess of this one,
Miss J had many, many, many "I'm Tired" tantrums,
we were late for school pickup,
we ran out of gas (the cooking kind) (my fault),
which then meant that I couldn't cook dinner,
and I had to run the kids up the road to a friend's house for a bath,
while I am trying to write a job application for the job I'm already doing as a Casual Staff member...
But there was a little bit of sunshine to my day, in the form of a package in the post.
Sunflower Yellow, from Bendigo Woollen Mills, amidst the Monday blues.
Mind you, I'm not so sure that my usually sunshiney Miss J, for whom it is intended, deserves it right now! Hopefully though, with a good night's sleep, we will all do better tomorrow.
Sleep well!


  1. I think the full moon, in all its beauty does seem to throw things off balance somehow.
    Have fun knitting that gorgeous sunny colour and you have a better day today!
    cheers Wendy

  2. Yes - blame it all on the moon! It was huge wasn't it? :)