Tuesday, 2 July 2013


I had it all worked out.
My plan was that, once everyone was settled into new jobs and school, I would paint when the girls were in Kindy for their two and a half days.
It is part of my personal truth that I only have so much brain space available for creative pursuits once the rest of that space is taken up with caring for my family (which I love doing!). With the twins at school for a little bit longer than last year, I suddenly found myself with the space, energy and motivation to paint and be an Artist again. And that is what happened - I set myself up and began painting some of the beautiful places we have experienced since we arrived in Albany.
All was working really well - I finished four little pieces, and had started on a fourth, larger work - until two things popped up to block my path.....
1. I started a short term part time teaching contract,
2. I discovered instagram.
As always, and I hate to say it, but painting has been the first thing to be dropped while I find my way through these changes. And with that shift, another consequence has been a flagging attention to this blog. I'm a realist. Blogs change as their owners do. What to blog and what to instagram? I'll work it out.
And I'll work the painting thing out, too. I expect that next year there may be more time to venture forth with my painting goals. In the meantime, I will still dabble here and there; just not in the way I imagined.
But the most interesting shift for me has been my teaching job, which has been more rewarding than I expected. I have been working with young mothers to support them as they work on TAFE qualifications online, and I have enjoyed it so much that I have applied for the job on a permanent basis. One day a week, I have been utilising my Literacy Education teaching skills, and I love it!

My instagram bio states that I am an Artist and Teacher. I am both.

Except, right now it seems the emphasis is more as a Teacher.

I hope I get the job!


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