Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Last week

Last week, le Tour De France began, and so did Miss J's yellow Darwinia dress which I began as a bit of a knitalong. The Tour is only up to stage 11 tonight, but I will be finishing the dress. And starting a new one for Miss M!
Last week I wrote my very first selection criteria job application. I have written many others over the years but somehow I have, until now, rather successfully managed to avoid selection criteria writing. It wasn't as painful as I had been expecting, but then I suppose all those Uni assignments I wrote a couple of years ago have tended to soften the pain of academic/professional writing somewhat. I have yet to hear whether it has been successful but I am hopeful. Crossing my fingers!
Last week I began what I now understand to be the lengthy process that is a tooth root canal. Yuck!
Last week I baked my first Flourless Orange Cake and wondered why I had waited so long to do so - it was yum!
Last week I picked up two of my little Albany landscapes I painted from the framer. I am not entirely convinced that I chose the best matt board colour and am very close to returning them so a better colour can be substituted. Okay. I've convinced myself. Back they go. 

 Last week, I painted my first Name Painting in a very long time. And liked it - it was fun! And I want to paint more. Anyone interested?
Last week I realised (while painting the Name Painting) that my glasses need upgrading - again!
Last week I had two entertaining dinners with one of my neighbours, one at her house, one at mine. I feel so lucky to have found another crazy woman so nearby, and the fact that her children are in the same classes at school as mine makes everything so much easier. I have even converted her to the delights of Offspring, lending her the DVD box sets to catch up, for which G reckons I have a lot to answer!!
And last (this) week, the girls started school holidays. I can't believe how tired they are at the end of term; neither can I believe how narky they are with each other - *sigh* - but at least they had fun painting today!
Making and Baking - life is good!

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