Thursday, 1 August 2013

Commission + Crochet


Oh, it's been lovely! I have been lucky enough to have a painting commission to work on for the last couple of weeks, in the days when all the girls have been at school.  It's a seascape of a local area - hooray - and I would love to show you how it's progressing, but this little painting is intended as a surprise so it will just have to stay under wraps. Just for a bit.

Instead I am delighted to show you the progress I have been making in my most recent of yarny undertakings - a granny square hottie cover.
Inspired by the colourful crochet of Kate at and her granny square hottie which you can see here, I have been playing with my many small woolly scrappy bits and creating a hottie cover that is in high demand among a certain group of young girlies. Miss E will be the ultimate recipient of this piece as it's HER TURN!! Apparently!

I'm making it up as I go along - free(yarn)balling, as it were! There are a couple of other crochet creatives who have written 'recipes' for their hottie covers, but it is generally instinct, misguided or other, that is directing me in this. And it's fun. Of course!
Finally, I'm hoping this finds you all well because I know there are some who aren't. And I pray you will become well once again, Mandi. Love and strength to you and yours.

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  1. There's been hottie cover making here too. But instead using woollen blankets and doilies.
    I do love a crochet cover though and really should learn. x