Wednesday, 27 November 2013


Albany has no commercial gallery. So to have my paintings on display and for sale at the Albany Visitor Centre is a Very Good Thing. They went up yesterday. Hooray!
To celebrate this step towards my dream life as a professional artist, I have decided to change a few things.

One of these changes is to my instagram name - a clarification and declaration - to @samanthadennisonartist.
Labelling myself as an Artist does not come easily. For many, many years I have been a Teacher, and I still am, with the work I do as the Education Facilitator to a group of determined young mummies one day a week. But with painting taking up more of my creative time, and with my painting now in a public arena, it seems a good idea to make it more official.
I am a Teacher. I am also an Artist.
My family tell me it was always so.

Life is good.
Scary, too.
Thanks, Robert, for the saying.
I'm choosing not to change my blog name yet, but I will be changing a couple of other things about it soon.
I have also changed my Facebook address to coincide:
I like to knit, too. Obviously.


  1. It's funny the way we let titles stand in our way sometimes. I've been writing my blog for five years now, but I still don't think of myself as a 'writer' and it surprises me when people call me that! Of course you are an artist! Others can see these things before we can. All the very best with it. I hope your business planning is going well and that you have a chance to check out the New Years Revolution Kit. I love that such great resources are available for free online, and I can't help but spread the word. Will you be starting an online shop or selling prints of your work in 2014? :)

  2. I just spent half an hour writing a reply to your lovely message, only to have it disappear!! Aargh!! I might just have to write it as a blog post instead. xxx