Sunday, 24 November 2013

These last two weeks - November 24


  1. I finished some Christmas presents - two knitted boy beanies, and three crocheted cotton washcloths inspired by onecraftymumma's dishcloth swap;
  2. We had visits from three cheeky frogs who found themselves in a supposed Shangrila, aka our girls' toilet. So ensued the 'frog check' routine, which soon lost its charm, especially at 3am. 
  3. I finished another painting, "Mistaken Island";
  4. Miss M's soccer wind-up was held on a magic day at Frenchman's Bay - heaps and heaps of kids of different ages, all playing together and helping each other in the water - truly awesome.
  5. I finally got a much needed haircut;
  6. The blue tutu-ed twins experienced their first ever concert week of dance extravaganza rehearsals and performances - all 3 and 1/2 hours of it - with great energy, excitement and success (not to mention relief on Mummy's part), and;
  7. I had two of my paintings accepted for display and sale at the Albany Visitor Centre. Yay!
Busy, busy. As ever.

Life is good. Hope all is well with you.



  1. You do sound busy Samantha - maybe it's not just this time of year, maybe you are just busy!
    Love that cheeky frog snap, but I can see it would lose its appeal. Not many frogs around here, but we are busy trying to get rid of jolly cane toads. cheers Wendy ps congrats on the Albany display!

    1. Hello, Wendy. Yes, the frog has, mostly because of my shrieks of laughter as I chased it around its swimming pool so I could take it outside to a much better home! Cane toads would be so much worse. x