Monday, 30 July 2012

10 Things - Birthday Parties!

We went to two parties this weekend, both parties for 4-year-old girls. One was an indoors party. The other wasn't. One was themed - a 'pat a rabbit' party. The other wasn't. Both were held on large blocks; 'rabbits' on 5 acres, the other on 2.5 acres.

With these experiences fresh in my mind, here is my list of....

10 Things I learnt this weekend about Birthday parties!
  1. A themed and highly organised party of children's activities is not necessarily a better way;
  2. A themed party can end up with the Birthday child being inundated with themed presents - rabbit necklace, rabbit shirt, rabbit slippers.....!
  3. Two parties in one weekend is definitely enough!
  4. You can't have too many healthy party foods (dare I say 'rabbit food'?) and can have too much cake;
  5. Four pony rides does not decrease a child's interest in horses;
  6. An indoor party when the house is on 5 acres is perhaps not the best use of space;
  7. Some fancy dress rabbit suits for adults have a tendency to look decidedly demonic;
  8. A grown man in a rabbit suit is not cute in the eyes of hysterical four-year-olds;
  9. A very effective way to clear a room is to put a grown man in a rabbit suit!
  10. I am allergic to rabbits!

What is your idea of the best birthday party for kids?

Sam xx


  1. Great comments! At our kids party on the weekend there was a snake show and I learnt that snakes only poo on the adults!
    All the best

    1. I know some other little 'beasts' who have been known to poo on adults, too!