Sunday, 1 July 2012

One of the best things about my life is that I get to watch my daughters grow up and be with them as they experience many firsts.

If they let you!

Miss M went to her first disco on Friday night, put on by her school and suitably age appropriate; it ran from 5.30 to 7pm. Very civilised! Preparations for the event were wonderfully painless; no fashion parades, no hair consultations, only "I want to look pretty". Right! We can do that! Bring out the flashing necklace!!

But when it came to who was to be her chaperone, me or her father, I was dumped!!

And so, with an inner silent sob of sadness, I bid her farewell as she left for the

Her baby days are well and truly behind her. *sob*

Sam xx

By the way, the disco was a great success with lots of excitement and energy, according to G. *grumble*

I can remember my first disco when I was in Year 8 - lots of Kim Wilde and Duran Duran. Can you remember yours?

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  1. No.... but I definitely do remember my first Fleetwood Mac concert!
    I'm with you on the different stages sage. First they want you, then they reject you, then they need you again. All part of the fun I'm afraid!
    Our 17 has just go his "P"s. big sigh.
    cheers Wendy