Friday, 30 November 2012

First Crush

A couple of months ago, Miss M told me she was going to marry Alec from her class.
"Oh? What is it about Alec that you like so much?"
"He has cool hair."
Oh. Well, she is only 6 years old. Seems a good enough reason to me!
And I thought nothing much more about it........until she started sobbing last night.
"Darling! What's wrong?"
"Alec isn't just on holiday. He's moved away. To a country on the other side of the world! I didn't even get to say goodbye! And I'll never see him again!!!" And she continued to sob; an hour of inconsolable sobbing!
What?? She's only six! Is the world really going to end?? And did I ever feel like that with my first crushes??
The funny thing is, I can't remember most of them - I actually came across an old journal of mine while packing and I scanned through it, only to discover my lamentations over a boy whom I can no longer remember. Who was this boy? My grand passion sobbed out on to the page, unrequited love - like most of my crushes.
And isn't that what a crush is? Unrequited?? In Miss M's case, not so, it seems - Mr Alec had told her he wanted to marry her, too.
Some detective work (a gossip with the class teacher) uncovered the details of Alec's departure - his family have moved to a country town - not unlike what we are about to do, only in the opposite direction. Even so, this seemed to placate my eldest's concerns - Alec's living in WA. It's okay. He's not so far away. Maybe she might see him again?
And off she trotted, to giggle with her friends.
Her first crush - she may not remember when she grows up, but I will!
Do you remember your first crush?
Have a great weekend!
Sam xx
Photo of National Geographic Magazine, February 2006 - something else I found while packing!

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