Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Liverpool Tunic

Hmmmm. My muslin Liverpool tunic is looking suspiciously like a school uniform. Or like one of the old Qantas hostie uniforms without the style and panache of the originals!
Not quite the result I was looking for, but more the fault of the fabric I chose than the design itself. In fact, I'm loving the pattern! Just not loving the fabric quite as much as I obviously did when I bought it earlier this year. I reckon the Liverpool tunic is most successful when teamed with a fabric with a large scale design.
This version has the short sleeve intended for the hot weather but I think the elbow or 3/4 lengths would be more flattering for me next time. I have secured the ties in front for display but they are actually intended to be tied at the back.
And, funnily enough, it also helps if you follow the detailed instructions! I kept second guessing them a couple of times only to find out that each time I was WRONG!!
And so, after having a little break from this garment with just the cuffs, buttons, buttonholes and hem to finish, I shall continue on. I haven't made a shirt for about 15 years so it has been fun constructing this one. And I want to finish it. I need something new to wear!
At least, until I make another......
And I am still having fun sewing and not packing boxes.
Sam xx

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