Wednesday, 14 November 2012


We did some serious house hunting on the weekend and, after an extremely dissatisfying and exhausting Saturday, we went to see one on Sunday morning with my sister-in-law's family.
It was perfectly situated and looked really promising. As we approached the house, we saw the owners and their boys driving away. My 10 year old nephew M, who was sitting in the front of his family's car, recognised one of the boys - he was in his class.
Did M like him? Was he a nice boy? No, not at all!
Still, G and I liked the house. M wasn't so sure - he was visibly rattled as he walked through it, but I assured him that we would put some positive energy and love into the house if we bought it. We put an offer in straight away.
But now, after lots of game playing, feet dragging and poor form shenanigans from the owners, I reckon that M's instincts are spot on!
It's not the house's fault, but I do believe that we will be continuing our search for a new home this weekend. And not dealing with that awful agent again, either!!!
Sam xx


  1. House hunting for just the "right" one can be soul destroying. Persevere - you'll find it eventually!

  2. Sam, what a pity. It is over 20 years since our last experience with r.e.agents and we can still remember the terrible hovels that we were taken to in the district! I'm sure the right one is just around the corner (fingers crossed). cheers Wendy

  3. How disappointing for you, house hunting is exhausting. Hope you find something nice soon, sounds like that place was not to be.