Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The girls are on the mend - Miss M returned to school today while E is no longer feverish with her cold. She is, however, still full of cold nasties so I decided to keep her home again today. J went off to her Kindy full of bounce and delight.

And this afternoon, a momentous occasion - Miss M has passed her stage one swimming certificate! Hooray! We are very proud of her as she had to overcome her fear of putting her head underwater in order to pass this time. I think she was inspired by the fact that if she didn't pass, she would be doing her swimming lessons next summer alongside her sisters in the same class. Motivation is a wonderful thing!! Also wonderful is the fact that we no longer have to hurtle down to the pool after school twice a week. The kids have had enough - and so have I!! The seasons are changing and the cooler days are zapping our motivation to swim. That's a rather chilly wind blowing over the hill there!

On the creative front, I took delivery yesterday of some beautiful wool from Biggan Design, an Australian company which I first saw mentioned on Vanessa Cabban's blog, do you mind if I knit. While the wool is comparatively expensive to some other Australian yarns ($9.95 for a 50 g ball), it is rather soft and luscious. I chose to purchase only two balls as an experiment and the colours I selected this time around are slate 040 and rose 925. The slate is a grey but a somewhat purpley one. It has a lovely warmth that I was not expecting. The rose is gorgeous - the Biggan design website colours are quite accurately represented. I am really keen to support another Australian product but I can see that these prices could be rather prohibitive for more extensive projects.

But for these two balls of woolly loveliness, I have big plans (not necessarily in the same project!) primarily involving a going away present for my niece who will soon embark upon her gap year travels in the UK. Very exciting - her trip and my new knitting, both!! But shhhhhh, it's a secret....

I'll take a photo in the daylight tomorrow so I can record the colours more accurately.

Have fun!

Sam xx

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