Sunday, 25 March 2012

This Sunday morning

We have had chickens for about three years, now, given to us by a very generous and all round good friend. And we have had lots of fun with our feathered 'girls'; watching them scratch at bugs, eat fallen fruit and decimate the silverbeet that was intended for great kitchen undertakings. They do, in fact, feature in my blog's title image.

The brown chickens are Rhode Island Reds, the white is also a Rhode Island...not red, and the black speckled chickens are Anconas. They can all be a bit reluctant to lay eggs sometimes but they are very good at helping dispatch kitchen scraps, that's for sure.

Miss M has sporadically enjoyed her part in the chickens' keeping, and the (real) girls all enjoy cooking with the eggs. But we have never had any success in encouraging the children to eat hard boiled eggs. Until today.

This Sunday morning began with with Miss J bringing me breakfast in bed. Mmmmm. Don't you just love those plastic eggs? But it got the girls thinking.....

And before I knew it, they were all asking for hard boiled eggs for breakfast. And then they actually ate them. And asked for seconds! Brilliant! 


Do you like the improvised egg cup? No excuses for me now that Easter is upon us - a perfect opportunity to purchase non-chocolate Easter presents!

And that all makes me happy!

Have fun!

Sam xx

P.S. Sand drawing by Miss M at friend's birthday party,
Lake Leschenaultia

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