Saturday, 24 March 2012

Not Enough Yarn

I have been a regular knitter since I was 18 and you'd have thought I'd have learnt by now to always, ALWAYS buy more wool than the pattern states.

But not this time. No.

I began to knit these fingerless mittens from a free pattern on They look brilliant, stylish - the perfect test for the Biggan Design wool that I received earlier this week.

The pattern requires and lists 50g of yarn. I hesitated for less than a second - the Biggan wool is only 105m. Is that enough? Must be. Let's get going! But halfway through the first of the wristband details it became clear that there is Not Enough Yarn.

Oh. Bother.What to do?

Well. I'm not ordering more. And I refuse to unravel. These little mitts will now be a very simple design. Let the wool speak for itself, I say.

But it's still frustrating!

And to be honest I did learn something new from this pattern - how to increase without leaving a largish hole behind. Handy. Pardon the pun.

Sam xx


  1. Oh dear! I just hate it when I miscalculate!

    Your mittens still look good though, and it's always great to learn a new technique.

    Happy Knitting
    Fleur xx

    1. Hi Fleur

      You are the first to know - I have actually unravelled them, despite declaring that I never would! I didn't like the look of the sewn seam so I have started knitting them in the round. I'll post about them soon so that you can check out my progress!

      Thank you for your comment! It gives me such a buzz to receive them!!

      Sam xx