Monday, 19 March 2012

What "day off"?

Mondays and Wednesdays are my 'days off'; days when M is at school while E and J attend their 3 year old Kindy, days intended to give me some space and sanity. My days off allow me to be a better Mummy.

I love those days - I always intend to do Great Things.

For instance, I planned to spend today working on my portfolio drawings and beginning to lay in the colour. Yummy. And then Miss E woke up with a snotty nose and sneezes. Oh. Oh well. E needs to stay at home. So much for painting. And how is Miss M doing? She did spend most of the weekend on the couch and in bed not feeling well, but she woke up this morning bright as a button.

"Of course I am well enough to go to school!" Great! Off to school we go. Drop off J, drop off M, take E home with me.

I get the call to collect M at lunch time as she isn't feeling well. Oh. Poor little love. Feel like I should, once again, nominate for the Mother of the Year Award! And I try to collect J on time but am thwarted by E's unfortunate number 2's episode requiring a bath, just before leaving home.

So, my little people have been curled up on the couch for most of the day watching Peppa Pig and Mike the Knight, interspersed with regular cuddles from me.

You rarely have days off when you are a mummy. And the reality is, I wouldn't have it any other way!
Sam xx

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