Thursday, 7 June 2012

Creative Space - Happy Holiday Hexagon Hooky!

There's nothing quite like a holiday project, and of course I had to take something with me when we went bush camping on the weekend. 

Admittedly, I didn't get any crochet done while actually camping but I did get some done on the drives.

And I have also discovered that it isn't, perhaps, the wisest thing to do while trying to navigate.....

It helps to make the drives more fun, though!

Sam xx

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  1. Hey Sam, I'm with you, time spent in the car (passengers set of course, hehe...) is definitely time that can be spent with some yarn and a hook........

    Just love that blue yarn, I have some in my stash but I think I need to stock up on it as it's getting dangerously low!!

    Claire :}

  2. I'm roadtripping this weekend, time to get something on the sticks!

  3. lovely! and I have to agree that navigating and crochet aren't a great mix. It just gets frustrating every time you have to stop crocheting to work out where you are!

  4. Crocheting in the car is my favourite part of a road trip - I m hopeless giving directions with or without a distraction, so I barely have to do it! I really want to make some hexagons this winter. What pattern are you using? Can't wait to see your stash grow :)

  5. I wish I didn't get travel sick - I could be using all that time to craft!