Friday, 1 June 2012

Olearia Cardi Ta-dah!

While the weather today is rather winterish - grey, cloudy and cool - my Miss J is a very happy and sunny girl because, last night, I finished her yellow Olearia cardigan!

Miss J has been waiting for this cardi; "I can't put a jumper on because my Mummy is knitting me a lellow* cardi". So you can see that I had a bit of pressure on to get it finished. And yet, I baulked. A couple of weeks ago it was close to being finished and I can't put my finger on why, but it then took me another 10 days or so to get my act together and complete it.

Oh well. It's finished now, and Miss J is very grateful. She got dressed this morning quick smart, choosing these other clothes to complete the outfit. She even put a flower pin in her hair! And then posed for photos at playgroup.

I enjoyed knitting this pattern for the second time. I'm not so sure I'm so happy about knitting it again so soon after completing this one, though, but Miss E is determined to get her cardi now that her sister already have theirs.

"Do you want the same pattern? Or do you want something that's completely different and all your own?"

"It is different, Mummy. It will be blue."


And I have another confession. You may have noticed that I have been playing with filters on these photos? Well, I now have an iphone (recycled from my mother's upgrade - thanks, Mum!) and I am in Serious Like with Instagram, not that I'm sharing photos there. I'm just using the filters for the photos I take on the phone to upload when I like. This portable editing feature is seriously addictive!

Have a great weekend. We are having a long weekend here; Monday is a public holiday for Western Australia's Foundation Day. Yippee!

Sam xx

* 'lellow' for 'yellow' is intentional spelling because that's how she says it right now!


  1. What a sweet little cardi........looks so cute with pink gumboots and a blue cardi, is definitely different, hehe....

    Enjoy your long weekend...

    Claire :}

  2. What a cute little lellow cardi!!