Sunday, 17 June 2012

On my desk today

My computer is on the blink and I am Very Frustrated! I must admit, it's not all the computer's fault. It's actually mine. So it is having a holiday with the Computerfixitman and will arrive home by the end of the week, I hope!

As a result I have to do battle with the rest of my family to get access to the other computer - the one that isn't mine - the one that belongs to G! And suddenly I understand his own Frustration when he can't get to his own computer. Oh. I'll be a bit more understanding next time, I promise!

Not having so much computer access is not all so bad. I have been doing some more painting instead, this time working on a Name Painting for a neighbour's new baby boy. It's a good feeling to have a paintbrush back in my hand. I keep sneaking away to my work table to check the painting out and have another play with it. I was a bit stuck on the pattern colours for the background but I think that's sorted, now. Just as well - the baby is already 5 months old!

Have a good week!

Sam xx

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  1. Love the colours Sam, and I'm sure they will too. cheers Wendy