Friday, 4 January 2013

Boxes, Bonnets and 'Brellas

boxes, bonnet and 'brellas
Hooray and thank you to the movers who delivered all our furniture on Christmas Eve, and especially to the moving man whose truck broke down on the way back to Perth at 5pm with still a 4 hour drive ahead of him! Poor thing!!*
But for us it meant that we could wake up on Christmas morning in our new home, surrounded by tinselly decorated boxes. Phew! We made it!
And thank you to the talented and generous Greer of Typically Red and Christina who ran the Giveaway. The beautiful red bonnet arrived in time for Christmas. I had intended to keep it as a gift for a younger child, with both Greer and I thinking that it wouldn't fit a four year old, but it was quickly snaffled by Miss J when we collected it on Christmas Eve, and she would not remove it, not even for bed! And it was HOT on Christmas day - certainly not the weather to be wearing a woolly bonnet, nor for using the brand new umbrellas that a thoughtful and practical Santa had supplied:). However, the bonnet did come off the next day. I think even Miss J agreed that a bonnet is not quite the right attire for a swim at the new local beach!
And just how local is our new beach? Oh, only a leisurely 2 minute stroll. And a really good one is just a short drive away. Hee Hee!
It is truly beautiful down here in our new town, in many ways. But right now I am laid up in bed with a tummy bug. Which isn't so beautiful. So I'll write more later**. Of course!
Sam xx
*I am told he did get home before midnight. Please. Next time, take a mobile!
** Because writing in bed while flat on your back is not easy, not matter how stubborn you are!!


  1. Ha ha, how funny! I am very relieved she didn't take the bonnet swimming. Glad the new place is working out. Hope you feel better soon xx

  2. Glad you were all moved in time for Christmas - I was enjoying the little bit of cool weather, but it has gone again!

  3. Glad to hear you're in your new home and have all your 'stuff'. I'm sure you'll be all unpacked and settled in quick smart. And I rather think those 'brellas will come in very handy before too long, Santa is a very clever old fellow ;)