Friday, 18 January 2013


We haven't taken the girls to the circus before and, given that it has been in town for the last few days, and Miss J has been supremely excited by the expanse of yellow-ness that is the Big Top, we decided that this was the perfect time for our first circus experience as a family.
It was Hilarious!
Oh, don't get me wrong. The performers were very talented and it was obvious that they worked very hard at their craft. Clever people.
And there were no wild animals, about which I was pleased, not that I expect to see them in the circus situation anymore.
So, there were no lions, no elephants, no tigers. But there were ...... cows.
Performing circus cows???
Beautiful black and white cows. And as I watched them saunter around the ring I couldn't help but laugh at the apparent absurdity of a circus cow. And then, of course, once I started that uncontrollable giggling, that was it. It just seemed so bizarre, so...... surreal! So completely unexpected!!
But you know what? Those very well trained cows did what they were trained to do.
It had to be seen to be believed.... you had better go yourselves when the circus comes to your town!
Have you been to a circus lately?
The Australian, the international, the metaphorical?
Hoping you have a great weekend!
Sam xx

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