Monday, 7 January 2013


Morning Walk
Why move?
Our goal* is to eventually live on a large block of land (or as G would have it, a farm) where we can grow more of our own food. We did do that to some extent at our last home in the Perth Hills on 1/2 acre; we had a sizable vegie patch, 20 or so fruit trees, and kept up to 10 chickens while practising organic principles. Moving to the South Coast brings us closer to that goal, closer to another side of the family, closer to the lifestyle we envisage for our family.

So why, now, the smaller block near the beach? We no longer have any chickens**, our vegie patch is growing in pots, and there's not a fruit tree in sight!
It's all part of The Plan.
This house, while lovely and brilliantly located, is our 'Stepping Stone House'. It's purpose is not only to provide us with a beautiful place to live, it's also a gateway for us, a house through which we hope we can achieve our ultimate lifestyle dream - our 'Forever House' - once we establish ourselves in the community, and locate the larger block that we dream about.
Even so, this house suits us right now - and this has surprised us. It might be that we stay longer than we original planned.
A Seachange!
But I still miss my chickens.
Sam xx

* An idea triggered, once again, by Allison Tait and her Life in a Pink Fibro blog. Thanks, Allison!
** which have found (or rediscovered) loving homes before we left! I wouldn't leave them with just any one!!

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