Thursday, 16 May 2013

Hexagon Happy

My hexagons are finally out of hibernation. Hooray!
I started following Attic 24 Lucy's pattern (in solid colours) last year as an attempt to use up all my yarny leftovers, but I have, of course, found I've had to buy more wool along the way. How strange! Some of the original yarn labels have run away, some of the yarns were easy to match, some are substitutions, and some are newly introduced to spice things up!
I've recently become a bit (!) obsessed with instagram (@wildplumhill) which brought me one day to discover the crochet blankets made by @babylovebrand which can be found here. These are supremely sublime blankets and, joy oh joy, she also sells her patterns - I'm considering using her squaring off and edging pattern from her gorgeous Geometric Lace blanket for my hexagon hooky. Hmmm. Thinking, thinking......
And one thing is for sure - it's been rather lovely having all this colour surrounding me after my gorgeous greys!
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Sam xx
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