Thursday, 2 May 2013

Yarn Chicken

I've been playing yarn chicken.
And now, after my rather arrogant declaration at the completion of my first Line Break shawl, that I had soooo much yarn left over that I could add another section before the border, it is clearly evident that I am wrong.
So wrong!!
'Bok, bok, begerk!!'


  1. Damn! And what beautiful yarn to run short of too! Does it stretch? Sorry, completely unhelpful comment from an admiring non-knitter. : )
    ps. Love this photo, the colours are perfect

  2. Thank you! I ended up ripping it back to the end of the fifth section and am finishing off the border now. The wool "blooms" when it is wet and laid out to dry, so the finished scarf/shawl will be lots bigger.