Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Painting Groove

Little Beach II
12.5cm x 12.5cm
oil on paper

I've been doing a bit of painting of late - the seascape, oil painting kind of painting - and, consequently, I have been having a lot of fun!
It has been some time since I did so much painting; 10 years ago I had an exhibition in a well known Perth art gallery and sold really well. But since then, marriage, full time teaching and children have used up all my brain space and energy so nothing was left for painting.

Until now.

Not quite finished yet, but it's a painting of Green Pool near Denmark.
Miss M is at school full time, the twins are at Kindy for half the school week, and this means there is some time, not much, but some that has become mine again. And I have also found that moving to such a beautiful part of the world has also helped. Of course it has - being surrounded by so many awesome beaches and landscapes have made me itch to paint again.
My first painting was not good. At all! Not surprising given that it has been at least two years since I last got the paints out. But the last four little paintings have been much freer, happier. Maybe because I am happier?
Some of my photo gathering field trips have been conducted alone, some with a companion, and most with my family. And all of those trips have refreshed my soul with beauty and joy. Maybe that's why these little paintings have come together for me so readily.

And Yes, I paint from photographs - mine! For me, there is no artistic integrity in working from someone else's photographs. I need to have experienced the landscape, to have taken my own shots, to paint from my photos in order for my paintings to have authenticity. It works best for me that way.

And there is more painting to come! I have once again found my painting groove, probably more than ever before, and I'm not ready to give it back just yet. I paint when the kids are at school, and I knit (or crochet) at night. And my house is messy.

Life is good.



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