Sunday, 5 May 2013

Work Space

My beloved G gave me a very welcome surprise when I arrived home on Friday to find my new-to-me bookshelf had been painted - all ready for my workroom!

And here it is all set up! Hooray!
It's great to have an inspiring backdrop to work with. Brushes and paint equipment is within easy reach, and I like to place exhibition invitations within sight. You can see, too, that I have propped up one of my 'I-think-I've-finished-but-I'm-not-quite-sure" paintings so I can peep at it from time to time before it heads off to the framers.
The top shelf I'm saving for little arty bits and pieces that come my way. They often accompany the girls home from school - there seems to be an amazing number of box constructions that make their way home!
Unfortunately I have had to sacrifice some of my work table space so G has the room to set up his desktop PC, but having these shelves allows me to use the space far more efficiently than I have in the past. And even though my studio in our last house was way bigger, I believe I will get far more work done in this room. Already have, in fact!
I love seeing how other artists work and organise their spaces. Recently Christina Lowry Designs posted about her work table, as did resurrection fern. Not only do I love their work, but I find their spaces inspiring as well.
It all makes me very happy!
Hope you are also having a lovely weekend.
Sam xx

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  1. I love seeing other peoples work spaces.
    Such a great storage and display feature your new shelves are.