Saturday, 4 August 2012

Beautiful Bookshelf

We are finally sorting out the twins' bedroom - up until now they haven't had a bookshelf and we haven't had the money to buy one!

So, let's make do! I have a beast of a bookshelf that has been lurking about my studio for 10 years or so. That will be perfect after some love and tender care!

A trip to the hardware shop with some very excited little girls, and piles of paint sample cards later, they chose their colour... with some gentle nudging in a certain colour direction.

And here we are - Ta-dah!

Paint:: Wattyl Satin Interior
Colour:: Boysenberry Cream (I think!)

Soooooo much better than a pile of books propped up in the corner, for sure!!!

Have you revamped any furniture lately?

Sam xx

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