Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Knitting Needle Neediness

I've hit a snag in my Mara shawl.
My circular needle is not long enough to hold all the stitches, now that I am at the increasing row for the edge.
The lady at the local habby shop hasn't a needle long enough, and I have little chance of heading down the hill to the 'Big Shops' given that I am housebound with a flu-ridden family, G included - not that I'm much healthier that they are, only that my flu is on the mend, whereas theirs is not. And I do mean 'flu'. This virus was not a cold!
I've needed my knitting in the last week, its soothing repetition. I'm enjoying the Mara shawl pattern 'mindlessness' when I've been too weak to do anything else, or when stuck on the couch with sick kids. Pick it up, put it down, knitting when needed.
And now I am needed for more 'kid on the couch' cuddles. I might have to start another Mara just to keep me soothed.
Hmmm. Now there's an idea!
Sam xx
(cough, splutter... )

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  1. Frustrating! Hope you are able to head to the shops soon, and all better too. cheers Wendy