Friday, 17 August 2012

New Knitting Project

It’s time! I have had seriously itchy fingers since finishing the scarf I made for my Mother!
Hmmm. What to do? What to make?? Sure, I am in a house cleaning “CDT”* phase right now, but I certainly don’t want to clean in my downtime. I need a project, a creative project, and I need one now - a semi-mindless, able-to-knit-while-watching-television project. Nothing too boring, but something that is fun and different from the things I have knitted before.
And this is where comes in – again! Hooray!!
Oh, I do like ravelry! I have to admit that I find the pattern search on ravelry to be! I keep saying to myself, “just one more page...”, "just five more minutes”... and then find myself still searching 20 minutes or so later...sometimes an hour later!
And so, after much thought, pattern searching and changes in project ideas, I have settled on the Mara shawl. This is because I have a lot of wool I have frogged** from older pieces, wool that deserves a new ‘home’, wool that is too good to give away. Wool that I just don’t like the colour of anymore but think would make a great present for just the right person.
And the right person in this case is my Mother-in-Law. Don’t worry. She doesn’t read my blog but, then, please don’t blurt it out to her, just in case. I have Misses J and E who will do that for me If I need them to!
So here it is, my new project beginnings, 'artfully' arranged on the back table to try and get some light on this grey, cold day.

Pattern:: Mara
Wool:: Jo Sharp Silkroad Tweed DK
Colour:: Paper Rose

I am making one change to the pattern, though - I am knitting it in stocking stitch whereas the pattern calls for garter stitch. I'm just not much of a garter stitch girl, it seems!

What new projects are you working on?
And finally, here is one of my tips to encourage creativity as I missed adding it to the My Creative Space site last week:-
When I have finished a project, and in preparation for beginning a new one, I always like to clean and organise my work table; I start afresh in a freshly tidied space. For me, it works a treat!

Have a great weekend!
Sam xx

*CDT – cleaning, decluttering, tidying
**'frogging’ – don’t you just love that term? It means to unravel from an old knitted piece in order to reuse and recycle the wool i.e. rip it, rip it, rip it......

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