Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Spring Cleaning

Why is it that the tiniest whiff of spring can triggers a frenzy of house cleaning?
Normally a visit from my parents is enough to motivate me into tidying up the house. And it seems that I’m not the only one - my very good buddy spent yesterday cleaning out her pantry due to the imminent arrival of her Mother-in-law from interstate!
For me, however, the unseasonally warm weather we have been experiencing has been enough! Even my beloved G has been bitten by the cleaning bug, deciding that a serious case of the “CDT’s” (Cleaning, De-cluttering, Tidying) of our home is in order. We are also attacking other unfinished jobs – filling holes in walls, patching, sanding, nailing, plugging, scraping, and most of all, painting.
Yesterday, a child free day, saw me painting the window frame in our bedroom. We sanded and prepared it over the weekend and I’ll do the final coat of paint on Wednesday. After that it’s on to the next room. Curtains to wash, wardrobe doors to fix...... it is all very satisfying!
And now another questions pops up – How is it that our CDT list keeps growing??? And even more perplexing - Will it ever end?
But I actually know the answer to that one!

Has the Spring Cleaning Bug bitten you yet?

Sam xx

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  1. I have resisted the urge so far! Paintbrushes (the art kind) win out over scrubbing brushes!

    In Perth, blink & you miss Winter.