Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Little Beach

Wow! The weather has been amazing here these last few days, although I'm told by the locals that this should be its last hurrah before it gets cold and stays that way for winter. That's why I'm trying to get in as many image gathering opportunities as I can while the weather is good.
With that in mind, today I picked up my Mother in Law on the way to Two Peoples Bay where there is the most divine little beach called...well, Little Beach! It's not always the safest of beaches - some poor fellow lost his life here a few weeks ago - but today it was utterly gorgeous.

That's my MiL on the beach in her new red hat. It was good to have her company for this outing; doubly so, for she brought a picnic lunch for us to share!
Sam xx


  1. Beautiful picture! The weather is so good at this time of the year, I wish summer holidays were now - it always rains for me down there in January.

  2. One of the school mummies believes that Albany helps out the locals, that it tends to rain during the holidays so everyone goes home thinking that Albany weather is crappy. Trouble with that theory is that the Easter weather here was gorgeous!