Monday, 22 April 2013


One of the many great things about our new home is it has a shed. That the shed is also meant to be the garage hasn't affected G's plans - the shed is now G's workshop.

This makes G a very happy man because he did without a shed for eight years at our last place - not that he had had a shed before that, only, you know..... he has one now!
And now that G has a place to work, there is one very particular, very positive outcome for me as well - I get to use the shed too!
The current project on the production line is the painting and reconditioning of an old Freedom furniture bookcase that has been lurking about my various abodes for almost 20 years. Our idea is that by painting it white it will disappear into the background, no longer dominating the space with its dark toned wood. It was very 90's. Now it is cool. Cool white.
And there is another reason why I am keen to get the big bookcase finished and back in the house, because that's when we can start work on a smaller old bookcase we picked up from the second hand store on Saturday. It will eventually take its place in my studio as extra storage for my paints and brushes. Woohoo!
And after that, well, there's a rather sexy 70's coffee table with copper patterned top from the same Saturday shopping spree that also needs some reconditioning love......
Love that shed!
Sam xx


  1. Sounds like our shed! Was huge and empty when we moved in - now full of furniture awaiting attention...

    1. Isn't it amazing that so much furniture can magically appear all in one place??