Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Rainbow Creatures

For a supposedly small garden we have a surprising amount of birdlife around our home; silver eye finches, blue wrens, seagulls (not so exotic), pelicans soaring above our heads.....
and "Rainbow Birds".
I think it is a rainbow lorikeet that flew into our window this morning. It lay stunned and winded on the path for a few minutes, turned itself upright, sat quietly for a few more minutes while it gathered its senses, and then, suddenly, flew away.
All of this was witnessed by the girls who had run into the front room to see what caused the "bang" on the window. The suspenseful moments of "will he, won't he" were accompanied by my running commentary about what was happening and what the positive and negative outcomes might be. Phew!! I am soooo glad the rainbow bird survived! 
And there are other rainbow creatures hiding in our garden - Miss E took this photo of her newly completed Rainbow Doggie as she frolicked among the foliage. Awwww! Miss E often sneaks away with my phone for her covert photo shoots. I must admit, I do love to check out the images which magically appear on my phone from one day to the next! 
Rainbow creatures on the rainbow coast.

pattern:: Muffin the Puppy
yarn:: assorted 4ply yarns from my stash
needle:: 3mm

A rainbow puppy sister for her birthday doggie.

Sam xx

1 comment:

  1. How cute of Miss E......what a lovely idea.....
    So glad the Lorikeet survived, the amount of noise the 'bang' can make, you think that would do them in for sure....
    Nice to have birdlife in the garden it's such fun seeing who all the visitors are....

    Claire :}