Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Getting Gumboots

Overnight we had the first new rains of the season and this morning the girls were itching to get out and jump in some of the puddles.

"Where are my gumboots*, Mum??"

Where, indeed. In the box by the back door. With the spiders. Hmmm. Not good. What to do?

I reached in to the Box Of Dead Boots from last year and brought out one that didn't seem too bad. That is, until I smelt it. Poo!!!!! Stinky, sweaty stale old gumboot smell! Yuk!!

At the end of last winter I did attempt to de-smell the gumboots with vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. It didn't work, obviously. I hoped that a good airing would do the trick. That didn't work, either. Our girls live in their gumboots during the winter; they are the shoes of choice for every occasion. Parties, too. Smelly boots Will Not Do. It is time to get some new boots. Off down the hill we go.

So, after a bit of colouring-in distraction supplied by a particular childrens' clothing chain (I didn't buy anything there - have you seen their prices lately?), the twins and I ventured into three large discount chain stores to check out their gumboot offerings, and we came home with....Ta-dah!


Miss J promptly jumped into the only puddle she could find.

Where did it go? Oh well, never mind. There will be plently more and much larger puddles soon enough!
(We hope!)

Happy rainy days, everyone.

Sam xx

* Gumboots aka wellies

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