Friday, 27 April 2012

Knitting Work In Progress

Like a lot of crafty people, I like to take a project away with me on holiday and, as you may have already read here, I finished Miss E's cardigan while away (not that she'll wear it!). But I knew that wasn't going to be enough so I took another project with me, just in case! I have some Cleckheaton Country 8 ply wool left over from a hat and scarf that I made Miss M earlier in the year. A cardigan to match was required!

Except she didn't want the same pattern as Miss E. No, no; she wanted 'Something Girlier'. to the rescue. Again!

Miss M chose Olearia, by Georgie Hallem aka 'Tikki', which you can find here. And it is 'girlie' enough, although we are debating whether to make the long sleeved version versus the cap sleeve one. Hmmmm. It might be a case of seeing whether I have enough yarn or not, the eternal knitters' quandary!

Now, I have never really been one for knitting in the car. I like to look at the world go by and often I'm too busy dishing out food to the kids and being a Crowd Controller. But this trip was different. I knew the roads and scenery quite well, and the drives are long - the journey home took us 6 hours with lunch and toliet stops. There was plenty of time to fill with knitting. So I did!

This is one long car trip that seemed to pass very quickly!

And just to finish, I thought I might share the place where we like to stop for lunch when we are on the road to/from Albany; a beautiful old building, the Kojonup Barracks built in 1845(that's old in Western Australia!).

Love it!

Sam xx

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