Saturday, 21 April 2012

Miss E's In threes cardigan

So, how is the knitting of Miss E's cardi proceeding? Well.....


Sort of.

Because Miss E has worn it for about the two minutes it took to organise this photo, and then she removed it, declaring she won't be wearing it again.

Oh. Oh well.

On to the next one!

yarn:     Taradale by Emotive Yarns
colour:  hibiscus
time taken: 3 weeks or so

I found the pattern very easy to follow and it knits up very quickly! Will I use it again? Yes! In fact, I had great plans to knit one for Miss M in the wool I used for her crochet hat. Only thing is, she declared she wanted something girlier, prettier.

Great! The perfect excuse to check out some different and new patterns on ravelry. Hooray!!

Sam xx

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  1. I love it, I do hope she changes her mind and wears it.