Thursday, 12 April 2012

Night Time Knitting

I couldn't sleep the other night. One of the twins had woken up and needed a toilet stop, so I helped out, as you do. Afterwards, whereas she fell asleep straight away, I found myself wide awake with a brain that would not stop! What to do??


So I did. I got up and spent a quiet hour or so working on my latest project, in threes - a baby cardigan, which I am making for Miss E. I have never knitted a top down design before and I'm loving this one. I plan to make another for Miss J, and possibly Miss M as well.

The yarn is Taradale by Emotive Yarns which I purchased from my not-so-local yarn shop (a 45 minute drive from me) and it is a 70% wool/30% soybean protein mix.  I chose it because it was the only remotely interesting thing I saw in the shop that was 10ply and I was in a "I want to knit now" mood! The colour's name is 'Hibiscus'.

I love how you never know exactly how the garment will look before you use a yarn such as this. It's exciting on both pattern and colour levels to see how it all evolves into a unique piece. The company Madelinetosh also make gorgeous variegated yarns that I am currently coveting. Maybe a beautiful yellow for Miss J's cardi?? Ooooooooo. Yummy!

So, I am having some knitting fun. And not just in the middle of the night!

Do you have a favourite variegated yarn at the moment?

Sam xx

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