Sunday, 1 April 2012

The Perfect Tunic

Like many, I have searched for a great tunic shirt in the shops.

Actually, let's get real. No I haven't! I do not like shopping because it takes so much time. I would much rather sew a tunic instead, make a garment I really like and one that fits me. So what if I haven't sewn clothes for 15 years??

My research led me to the Liverpool Shirt. So I bought that pattern. But I wasn't quite convinced. What else is out there? Ahhh! The Schoolhouse Tunic by Sew Liberated. That looks a bit easier and less time consuming. So I bought that pattern too and I received it on Thursday.

And do you know what??


Finished this morning at 7.30am, after a night dreaming (nightmaring?) about how awful the back pleat was. I had read Kate's post here about her experiences with sewing the Schoolhouse tunic, about how she needed to make alterations to her tunic before she could make it work for her body shape. Another blogger said "Yikes" when she saw the way the fabric bunched up at the back.

Yikes, indeed. I had a large blobby bit of superfluous fabric right in the sway of my back. It had to go. So, this morning, I undid that part and put two darts in instead. Muuuuuch better!!

Will I make it again? Yes, I will! I cut the pattern one size smaller than was recommended for my bust size and was very pleased that I did. It was spot on. The version I cut out was also 2 inches longer than required. I may put another inch on next time just to make sure. I found the instructions easy, although I used this tutorial to help me, as it illustrated each step clearly and in detail.

Is it my Perfect Tunic? I think it is pretty close...... I am already planning my next version.

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