Monday, 16 April 2012

What are the chances?

View from Moses Rock road to Gracetown

G has been hanging out for the arrival of his hiking buddy, Uncle Rob, who arrived from Tasmania on Friday night. They first met while travelling through Pakistan, Western China, Uzbekistan and Turkistan. Lots of lovely gastro stories. They also travelled a couple of years later to Vietnam. But I remember G saying that he felt cheated on that trip – he didn’t have any of the gastro that normally accompanies holidays to such countries. No weight loss on that visit!

And our girls also love Uncle Rob. On Saturday morning, Miss M and her sisters were all over him, so excited were they by his being here. Delightful!

The plan is that we are to spend a week or so in the South West so the boys can hike the Cape to Cape track. Brilliant! I’ll stay at the beach house with our girls and we will just chill out, go to the beach, visit some friends who live down this way, maybe do some of the child friendly ‘attractions’ here that we normally wouldn’t do (too expensive!), do a food/water drop for the boys halfway through and pick them up at the end. We then plan to head to Albany.


By morning tea on Saturday, I was in bed with a squirgly tummy. Nauseated, my word!!  Everyone banished from my bedroom or being anywhere near me. It meant that Daddy and Uncle Rob had to look after the girls and start the packing for our trip.

And they did. And I got better so that we were able to set off on Sunday after lunch.


It is now evident that quarantine failed this time because by 4am Sunday morning, my poor Miss M woke me.

“I’m going to be sick.”

Hustled back into bed, a bucket within handy reach, she proceeded to empty her stomach, poor love; my child, watery eyed, head over the bucket, looking me straight in the eye.

“I’m home sick,” she croaked.

Oh, my poor darling!  I hope the twins will be okay. This could go on for a while, as we all know.

And I’m not holding out much hope for the boys, either. They set off this morning on their hike but G was looking decidedly green. “I’ll sweat it out!”

I don’t think Uncle Rob had this type of stomach bug in mind on this trip – certainly not as exotic as his other travels; “You’re not meant to be sick on holiday in Western Australia!”

And that goes for West Australians too!!

Sam xx

PS Thanks to Rob for the use of his laptop while my new mobile broadband decides to work.

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