Sunday, 1 April 2012


The Easter Bunny visited our Playgroup on Friday.

On Saturday we made a Marble Cake for the cousins' Birthday.

We visited the Art Gallery of WA on Sunday to see our cousin's artwork in the Year 12 Perspectives Exhibition (what a very clever girl A is!!).....

..... and then played in the senses playground outside Perth Museum.

We went to Gandma and Grandpa's for the cousins' Birthday where we gave the beautiful cousin A her going-away present (Fable Fingerless Mitts).....

..... and ate lots of cake. Yum Yum!

Then we blobbed blobbed blobbed all the way home!!

Sam xx


  1. Wow, marble and freckles! Putting that one in the memory banks. I like your tunic in the last post. Have you seen the Tova pattern, its a fab one too, I made some on my blog recently :-)

    1. Ah, yes, nothing like a bit of coloured chocolate to decorate my/our birthday cakes! And thanks for the heads up re the Tova pattern. It is in my sights but I am still enjoying the Schoolhouse tunic playtime at the moment, probably because I know it works!! So far, anyway... Thanks for commenting. I really appreciate it. xx